How to open a new account in Facebook?

How to open a new account in Facebook?
Facebook Account Create Now
Currently everyone has an account on Facebook, but some people do not even know what Facebook means? For those people, today I will teach you to create a new account in Facebook.

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  • First you have to download the Facebook app on your mobile so you can easily take advantage of Facebook. When you open the Facebook application, you have 2 options. First you have a Facebook account created, you will have to log in directly. If you are new to Facebook If you have clicked on the credit account and you have to complete the details, write your name, mobile number You can also use your email id.

  • After that, if you have entered the mobile number then the code will be sent to the mobile number and the code will be added to your facebook account, after which you will be able to access the photo and then you will be able to use the facebook application.