About Me

Who I am ?

I, Olivia, was born in the last millennium - to be more precise in 1969 - and devour everything that is available about great books since early childhood. As a child, I borrowed everything in the public library, even then exciting children's books, as Enid Blyton the "secret to ..." books.(By the way, I saw that these books are (or will be?) Again - and I'll bequeath them to my children, of which I have two by the way).

The stacks of books next to my bed - whether read or unread - never disappear! This is part of me, will certainly be next to my coffin someday have which lie ... 

Immerse myself in my world of books is for me the greatest - so I can switch off the best! And when some of the books that have become dear to my heart and that are totally in love with me come to an end, I get sad because I soon no longer have "all my imaginary friends" around me.Do you know that?

Of course I always have piles of books in my head that I would like to read and I'm often asked if I can not even make a list of books - always up-to-date - which I would like to have, the idea came to me on this blog. A pleasant accompaniment is that I also just take my bookshelf and sort my books.

So, if you also have suggestions for my blog or would like to read it in and out, I would be very happy. 

About book tips or other suggestions from you, I'm always happy!

Many Greetings,
Your Larson