The new movie continues for a first date

There is nothing wrong with the original classic date, dinner and a movie. Husbands and wives have been fake in black theater seats for years. Although history seems relatively simple, it does have some skill in deciding which film will be more than enough to fit the first date. Here is a list of new movie releases for the first date. Choose wisely.

1. Kingman: The Golden Circle

continues the stories of the legendary Kingman, working as a detective agency customer and completely destroying their headquarters, emerging as a new and powerful enemy to save the world from time to time. has been given. However, Kingman will soon find a united organization of other spies who can exact revenge on the evil corporation known as the Braun Corporation, destined to destroy the world.

2. IT

Restores an evil organization in 1980 and begins terrorizing the city of Derry, Maine, primarily targeting the city's children. As germs and massacres, seven young men mutually find themselves as geeks, horses, or otherwise social lions. Through their combined experiences, through their combined experiences, their combined experience led to their youthful dance and their power, these young men secretly chased 500 years of curse behind the cities. Let's face it.

3. Blade Runner 2049

Continuing the song of the original Blade Runner, identified by Harrison Ford, Blade Runner 2049 continues with Ryan Gosling as Blade Runner for the Los Angeles Police Department. On duty she is long recruited with the destructive abilities of changing secrets buried. Officer K must find the original Blade Runner, Rack Decker, which has not been seen in nearly 30 years.

4. Lego Ninjago

Taking place within the animated lego universe, this movie is known as Master Builder Loud Green Ninja, go with his father - shareholder Gorman. With their vicious ninja warriors and with the help of a dentist, they use all their training and their collective discipline to come together and defeat Garmadon.

5. Hitman's Body Guard

Ryan Gosling stars as one of the best security agents responsible for saving the lives of his worst enemy - a ghost man with a personal past connected with Michael Bryce. Just as they face the threat of counter-espionage and their shared goals and objectives must survive and become an international court of justice in one piece. Filled with funny jokes and clever dialogue, this movie is sure to please.
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