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Night at the Museum: The Battle of the Smithsonian is at the Museum for Night, where security guards at night quickly discover that the museum's exhibition is due to stay overnight because it belongs to the Magic Order. In Part 2 - After the Smithsonian War exhibition, the Smithsonian will be replaced by electronic display due to budget spending rather than moving to storage.

However, the bullet has somehow been stolen and Smithsoni has been moved along with some other exposure ... now comes alive at night. They include Amy Adams, Emilia Earhart, Hank Ariah as Pharaoh Kahnra and even Cedar Vader. As well as some of the original cast - Jedediah (Owen Wilson), Aktoberovich, and Dexter (Monkey).

In this film - Larry Daley (Ben Abir) heads to Smithsonian after receiving a call from Jethidiah saying that Pharaoh Kahnehra's brother is alive with Pharaoh Ahkrama and plans to take over the world. It chases them with a blade and a mouse through all of Smithsonian's exhibits, which makes this movie a great adventure for the young people watching. Ben emerges as usual - throws a couple into a good laugh and keeps the audience entertained and so does the cast.

I can't give it "for review" but I would say it will be included in our DVD collection. I'll pick up a copy at the museum at night because it's a great family movie. Ben Eber, Amy Adams, Owen Wilson, and Robin Williams captured the imaginations of children and entertained them throughout the film. I know my son loves the movie and is watching it again. I am sure this holiday season will be a great stocking recruit for any 'happy'.

Terminator Salvation is the fourth video in the Terminator series and I think this should be their last. In this movie, the terminators look like humans (cyborgs). They can get 'behind enemy lines' and also think they are really human to do so. Marcus Wright (played by Sam Winston) is one of the new cyborgs and his mission is to find John Conor (played by Christian Bali) and to show his position without having to skate without him. Meets. He believes that as long as he runs the magnetic missiles and shows that he is fighting human resistance.

I don't want to spoil the whole movie, but it's just a "kill the machines out" war. The film and the emotions are completely lost and I can't say that I will include it in my DVD collection. I enjoyed watching Christian Bull's butt in this movie, but I just didn't enjoy killing everything. I suggest you rent it, netflix it, or redbox it. Everything for the movies this week. Now tell me what do you think you bought and why?
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