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Over the past 51 years my husband and I went into history every Friday night. Recently, our history was lost and a movie was going on. This is something we have always enjoyed and moved on, but the last few years have changed all that. Today we go to very few movies. Why? Because of the quality of the movies they are doing now. Most of them are full of sex, violence and bad language. I have discovered that God has given us pus, fingers and feet. I determine how bad this movie is, how often I have to close my eyes and put my fingers in my ears and then go away. There was a time when we would be warned, but still PG movies do their fair share of bad things and children's movies get more evil.

This low quality of entertainment is really sad for us. In the past we would feel happy, even romantic and upload a movie. It was in our break for the week. Watching a movie was our relief from the stress of our lives and the only fun thing.

Now we leave the film sad or upset that we have spent it to spend money, or we are scared, driving home, out of fear we go shooting. All these special effects look real !!!!!!!! It looks like the man has just descended the hill.

The current rating doesn't help much when we choose a decent movie. It seems, there is someone who is in the forces, who knows that ranking does not matter. They know they can throw whatever they want and we'll still go to the movie, because that's what they've done for so many years.

The current ratings are pretty incredible. PG - Parental Guidance - Here it is - My sweet toddler lets go to the movies and I guide you through sex, bad language, violence and murder.
R - For limited. What is banned? There is nothing in the movie. Limited - You have to be 18 and then you can enjoy the funny side of life, where people are trying to destroy your goodness.

Speaking of rating, I think we need 4 new - M, P, E, C
- for morality, P - for pure, E - for evil, C - clean.

After that, maybe we can make a worthwhile movie whether we want to see it or not. In addition, it will gather all the morons, corruptions and evils together in one place, so we can avoid them. Then we could sit in a clean movie with other decent people.

As long as films have to pay to go, Hollywood will not stop doing bad films. We need to stop supporting them! It's interesting, now I know why God has given us the mind, so we can choose to take the evil out of our lives, not just go along with it and accept it. If we don't select everyone to leave incredible, nasty, and violent movies, we'll be in a bad mood soon. Movies affect how people think and become like real life movies.

Tonight has become our dinner and a video. My husband bought us a big screen TV, so we don't have to miss the big screen in the movie house. Also, some of the creature's TV channels are old movies that we used to love when we were young.

Eva Ferry's mission is to help others become better and happier. He is an inspirational writer, singer / songwriter / inspirational speaker and seminar leader. Eva has published three books -
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