2011 Halloween costumes and new films that inspire them

Some translate well into only Halloween costumes and this year 5 films are more influenced by costumes than any other. This year your 2011 Halloween costume could be something that is unique, fun and inspiring to one of the top 5 movies of this year. What could be better than seeing yourself this Halloween before heading out and knowing that your costume is really one of a kind? If you are looking for a costume that looks right with your film then this is a must see which is one of the 5 movies in costumes in 2011.

For those who are looking to put a little kick-butt into their lives, there is no attempt at costumes from the movie Sukkur. Sucker Punch Costumes are going to be a bit hit this Halloween as this movie translates into so well-crafted art and costumes. The film is so full of drama and action that it doesn't want to make the movie fun and exciting for Halloween. Showcase your strength both physically and mentally with a fabulous outfit with any number of Sucker Punch costumes. Your 2011 Halloween Costume will be something that is truly out of the world. Not only do you see an exquisite costume in your mind but bring it to reality with Halloween filmmaking.

Another beautifully translated movie for Halloween is Green Lantern. Just think of how good it would be to wear a superhero costume at your next Halloween event. You will be removed from the party when they see how great you look and how glad you are to fight crime. This new dress is great for your next expensive event. With all the fun and excitement in this movie your friends will expect to bring you home and you will be able to come and then with the Green Lantern Cosmetics. Just think of how great you will look and show the destruction you turn into a superhero for the night.

Green Lantern might not be for you, but you're still looking for a superhero costume for your big event. Why not look for the 2011 Captain America Halloween Costume for the perfect dress piece. Dress up one of these wonderful new Captain America to fight for this overnight American night. Just think of your satisfaction and how good you are, you will feel America to show your love and your true devotion. Captain America lends itself well to costumes due to its color and throw. Don't let anyone threaten your homeland with Halloween; get out of any fun costume from Captain America's movie and save the country.

Although superheroes are a lot of fun, they do not have all the fun and second-row films that costumes deliver Caribbean pirates. Pirate costumes are always the best choice for your Halloween costume but what is even better is the true pirate costume of the Caribbean. These costumes will keep you swashbuckling and treasure hunting all night long. Step on the wrong side of the law for a night that you won't soon forget. Enter the party as Captain Jack himself or one of your crazy staff. These movies are so fun they just can't contain the big screen. Take your adventures into life with the new and an exciting 2011 with the theme of pirates.

If dangerous adventure is not your thing then you should stay home with a dress from the Smurfs movie or a little closer to your childhood home. Take a fun and exciting cartoon for life with any number of Halloween Smurf costumes this Halloween. This Papa Smurf dress or a Smurfette wouldn't be great to get out in this Halloween costume! Those little blue brothers are all the rage and always beautiful. The birth factor will be on your side and that's exactly why this movie is a great dress choice.
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